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A New Prototype

Southern Cross is a vibrant, innovative, relational, international network of Christian Ministries. Our goal is to see God’s Kingdom established and to equip the saints for ministry. Southern Cross began in March 1999 in Perth, Western Australia. Since then, we have grown to include over 200 church and marketplace ministries around the world.

As an Apostolic Network, we are committed to returning to the priorities and practices of Jesus and the Apostles. We are developing prototypes and working models of ministries that are apostolically configured. Apostolic prototypes focus on four priorities: the Kingdom of God, building community,
equipping and deploying.

Jesus’ message was the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the government of God, where His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. When Jesus sent His followers to disciple nations and teach them to obey all He has commanded (Matthew 28:18-20), He was giving a
Kingdom mandate.

The Apostles established the community of the Kingdom, the local church. Churches have three priorities: building Kingdom communities, equipping the saints, and deploying the saints into the world. Our prototype embodies this apostolic pattern.

What are the Southern Cross Values?

About Southern Cross

To equip God’s people for works of service.

The Southern Cross is a constellation in the Southern sky. Visible and distinct, the Southern Cross has for centuries been a directional beacon and symbol of hope. In the twenty first century, an amazing era of God’s grace is unfolding. We are entering a time of divine acceleration. God has released His Spirit to bring the church into fullness and destiny. This is a sovereign work of the Lord to prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom.

  • Equip the Saints

  • Making Disciples

  • Kingdom Communities

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